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Due to popular demand - and you know who you are - at the May meeting there was interest expressed to actually have the annual June Potato Salad Classic this year. For any new members; this is a reference to the year everyone brought a potato salad and that was all there was! In the past we tried to schedule a picnic; then take a year-end walk but since we had in the area of 17" of rain every year we tried to do this, we now have a pot luck picnic at the Unitarian Meeting House and share something that interests us. Some people bring slides, some books to share - anything at all is fine. If you have nothing to share, that's all right also - just come for supper. The picnic starts at 6:30 in the yard in back of the meeting house. If there are enough people for a quorum we may try to have a short business meeting to elect the proposed slate of officers for next year.

NEXT MEETING: September 11 at the Unitarian Meeting House. Have a great summer and hope you all see all the birds you are hoping to see.

JUNE BREEDING BIRD COUNT: This is the third and final of the counts sponsored by NOS through out the year. The Breeding Bird Count is more like Christmas Count (without the cold). Area captains are assigned a territory and count the individual birds seen as well as any breeding activity that is observed. This year the weekend of June 13 and 14 have been chosen for the count. Observers go into the field for any 24 hours during the 48-hour period from 12:00 am Saturday through 11:59 pm Sunday night. The curator, Steve Rogers (429-1259) will be at the June picnic with maps and forms to assign a territory to anyone who is interested in participating. This count is free and is open to beginners as well as experienced birders. Steve does need to know who is out and where they are so if you have never done this and are interested in joining, call him or see him at the picnic and he will be able to "hook you up" with an area captain.



Hello everyone-

Thanks to all who participated in the birdathon. We raised close to $200 for the Nature Conservancy

and Joshua's Trust. The most birds seen by one team-95-was seen by the Gurleyville Guillemots. Most money raised was by the Loons. I hope we can get more folks out there next year!

Bob Pirrie



"Sam" Higgins

Newsletter editor