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Natchaug Ornithological Society

Cerulean Warbler Golden Crowned Kinglet Eastern Meadowlark
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NOS Information

Meetings Check the meeting schedule and please do come to our next meeting.
News and Events NOS activities (counts, field trips, walks, programs, ...).
Membership Find out how to contact or join NOS.
Publications/Newsletters A list of NOS publications and other information.
History A brief history of NOS.
Email List Join the NOS email list.
Local Hotspots Places to look for birds in the NOS area.
CBC Information Christmas Bird Count information.
Other Local Links Web sites of special interest to birders in the NOS area.

CT Birding Information

CT Ornithological Association The CT birding resource. Publications, excellent articles, reviews and much more.
The Virtual Birder B-Mail Mailing lists including CT, all of New England and other regions on the web.
BirdMail Many North American mailing lists and some international ones too.
CT Birding Links to CT area bird clubs, information, parks, places to visit, weather, tides and more.

Other Birding Sites

Rare Bird Alerts for NE RBAs in our area and links to North America.
Electronic Resources on Ornithology A very complete list of birding resources.
Northern Prairie Wildlife RC An enormous amount of birding and ecology information.
Patuxent Bird Id Center Pictures and identification tips for many NA birds.
Cornell Ornithology Lab Surveys, studies, sounds, Project FeederWatch, and much more.
Raptor Sites Places to see hawks; migration information.
American Birding Association Publications, birding conferences, retail sales, and more.

Related Information

Birding Ethics and Laws The birder's code of ethics and some legal information.
Better View Desired What to look for in optics in detail; reviews of binoculars and scopes.
Optics for Birding Excellent reviews of binoculars and scopes.
Birding.Com Books, software, many interesting links.

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